I always loved this wind chime
Bronzing rust is the skin it wears,
And when it rains, there’s music.
Rhythmic splash splash like a drum,
And the fairydust ting of the wind chime.

The sound carries across the building,
I sip my tea and think of romance
Of you and me listening to the music
Our faces drenched in the fading light
Our hands stretched into the rain.

This wind that makes the leaves whisper
This wind that can rage ferocious, end lives
This worldly wind that knows all secrets
This same wind makes my favorite song
And I can’t help but sing along.

The wind chime is its jangling announcer
Its brassy cover glistens in the monsoon
Tinkling away, come whatever weather
Spattered with dirt, it will not stop
Even when thunder tries to drown it out.

But the wind is no benign king, it cries war
And the windchime lurches helplessly
JANG JANG it thrashes, about to give up
Like its king is about to whip it away
And that’s when I sometimes wish
The wind will carry its dying song to you.

But the wind chime always stays.




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